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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Book Review: Why Pro-life?

I have always been pro-life. No one needed to convince me that killing babies was wrong. Perhaps you are in the same boat.

So why read a book about it? Don't we know that life begins at conception, that it is precious, that it demands our protection?

We certainly may. But we live in a world in which the vast majority of people around us are not convinced.

Worse, they've been terribly deceived by the cunning rhetoric and propaganda of a wicked industry- an industry which, by the way, knows that a fetus is not just tissue, but a living human being.

They know. But they spread their lies like frosting to glaze over the ugly truth; to line their pockets and prey on the vulnerable.

This slim volume will take very little of your time to read, but it graciously and effectively explains the reasoning behind the pro-life movement. It would be great to pass along to friends, family, and neighbors who've never heard the other side of the story.

In compelling and clear language, Randy Alcorn uses scientific studies, medical research, and quotations from countless sources directly involved in the abortion movement to prove that:

1. Human life begins at conception.

2. Abortion is murder, and therefore is never justified.

3. The Pro-Life position is the side most concerned with the health of BOTH Mom and baby.

4. Abortion has serious, negative consequences for those involved. 

5. You cannot remain neutral on the topic.

6. There is help, hope, healing and forgiveness available to those who've been involved in abortion.

An excellent read. If you are dedicated to the pro-life position, you need to be informed and educated on the topic. Let's spread the truth about the widely accepted and largely ignored American Holocaust.


  1. We're all so worried about offending others that we forget about defending others.

    Sounds like an interesting read.

    1. True story Jess! I was very much reminded of the need to SPEAK UP!


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