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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Purposeful Perusals, 14th Edition

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Good Reads for Summer- Although I wasn't interested in every single book she shared, Simple Mom's list of fun poolside books threw me in the mood for a good fiction read :). 7, Paris in Love, and Echoes looked especially enticing. What fun books are you reading this summer?

Eight Ways to Ease into a Natural Home- Katie (Desiring Virtue Contributor) shares 8 simple ways to ease into more natural and health-friendly cleaning products. I was inspired by the simplicity of it all, and have already started implementing some of her suggestions.

Jonathan Edward's Resolutions- This week we've talked a bit about them (here and here), and Monday we are diving into Resolution #1 (I'll be taking one resolution each week and pulling it apart for personal growth and benefit). If you haven't taken the time to read them yet, please do! You will be blessed and challenged by your effort!

What interesting or beneficial things have you found online this week?

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