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Friday, June 1, 2012

Soon These Things Won't Matter

If I could go back in time to visit me as a new mom in the NICU, there is something very important I would want to tell me.

Soon, it won't matter. 

Soon, you will forget. 

I was so concerned about S going home on oxygen. 

It was much easier to manage at home than I'd expected. At four months she was off of it. Now, at ten months, I don't even think about it. It wasn't nearly as big of a deal as I thought it was.

I was so concerned about how long I should kangaroo care with her every day, and the overall impact it would have on her outcome.

We did a lot of kangarooing. And it did benefit her, I am certain. Today she is healthy and happy and loves her mama, even though I didn't spend 3+ hours daily snuggled up that way. There were days I missed, times we had to cut kangaroo time short because of low O2 saturation... but in the grand scheme of things, those days of anxiety amounted to nothing.

I was so concerned about possible devastating side effects from steroids S was given for her lungs, the long-term effects of O2 use, NEC, ROP, and a thousand other potential complications. 

None of these things happened. I know that they could have, and for some of you, they did happen. Even so, God is good, and He gives grace for the hard things as they come. I accomplished nothing by worrying.

8 months out of the NICU, and that part of our life is buried deep in the distant past. I can still hardly believe it happened at all.

So take heart if you find yourself feeling anxious and care worn in the middle of it. Soon, this too shall pass. It will feel far away, and the good days will come.

 "...Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5b

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  1. Hi! I have never been to your blog before, but I loved this post! The Bible says to not worry about anything, and I want to live that way! Thank you for reminding me.

    1. My name is Kristie, by the way. I didn't know how else to use the select profile thing. :)

    2. Thanks Kristie :). It's true! Something we always need to be reminded of. As humans we are so prone to forget the Lord and worry!

  2. This is beautiful :) I have had an experience like this (with my 4yr old and brain surgery); isn't is strange how everything at the time is SO urgent and heavy.. and now, it seems like it happened so long ago.

    New follower :)

    1. Wow, that must have been really rough. I'm glad your family pulled through that time! Praise God for His grace!

  3. I have to say, S, is SUPER CUTE!

    It's true...I felt horrible the days I didn't drive the 2 hours to visit the NICU, then felt terrible that I didn't get to spend time with all 3 babies. Now, it really doesn't matter, because we're all home, together.

    Beautiful post!

    1. Thanks Jess! I know, NICU guilt runs deep, doesn't it??? Just glad that that time is over for both of us!!

  4. She is such a cutie! We can only do so much and know that God will bring us out of it.


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