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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A List of Domestic Projects To Try

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All right folks, I've mentioned that I'd like to try one new domestic project each month for the rest of the year, just to make life interesting ;).

I might do more than one a month, and I think I'll just pull from this list as projects are convenient. Here are a few things I'd like to try (those crossed out are ones I've accomplished already):

Make my own yogurt.

Make my own laundry detergent.

Dice and freeze tomatoes (to save buying cans).

Make my own tortillas.

Learn how to knit.

Learn how to can.

Learn new recipes that involve grain-soaking (with help from Trina Holden's book: Real Fast Food!).

Make yogurt in a crock-pot

Learn how to make headbands for my daughter.

Learn how to make hair bows for my daughter.

Switch to all-natural cleaning products (potentially using recipes from Tsh Oxenreider's book, Organized Simplicity ). 

Learn how to sprout things- like sunflower seeds and legumes.

I think that's about it so far. Ambitious perhaps, but these are a few things that have caught my fancy.

What adventurous things have you been attempting in the domestic world ;)? Have you tried any of the projects on my list? If so, your words of advice are very welcome!

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