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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sensible Sunday Attire

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When people ask my Pastor how they ought to dress for Sunday services, he always responds with the same word: "Modestly."

Sound advice. As Christian women, we ought to desire to adorn ourselves in a way honoring to God, keeping in mind the need to respect men around us by not dressing provocatively.

If you're like me, most of the clothes in your wardrobe meet these guidelines. Sure, we might have a low-cut top or dress, or one that shows too much back or shoulder, but with a camisole underneath or a shrug over it, we are good to go.

Or are we?

One thing that has come to my attention lately is just how distracting these many layers can be. Probably not to men around me, but certainly to me!

Case in point. I own a lovely j.crew strapless black dress. Usually I throw a cardigan over it, pair it with a pretty pair of heels, and call it a day.

Later that morning in church, I will find myself tugging it upwards, adjusting my cardigan, and hoping that the darn thing will stay up (and that the man in the pulpit won't notice me wrestling with it *eek*!).

Or that low cut top with the camisole underneath. I find myself tugging that up, adjusting my straps beneath, praying they won't pop out, etc.

These outfits cover me and appear modest in front of the mirror on my way out the door. But give it an hour or two of movement, and it is a battle to keep things just so.

When I'm struggling to hold a dress up or keep straps hidden, I am not focused or engaged in corporate worship.

Lately I've been trying to keep this in mind as I dress on Sunday mornings. My first question: "Is it modest?" And my second: "Will it stay that way without rearranging? Or will it be a distraction to me?"

This has definitely narrowed my selection. Yet the reward of going unhindered into the house of prayer has been immense! I wouldn't trade it for a thousand j.crew dresses ;).

What tips do you have for dressing sensibly on Sundays? Do you agree with my recent revelation?

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  1. I honestly NEVER thought of this. I, too, assumed that camisoles and cardigans covered "a multitude of sins", but really they are just a distraction because of the pulling and tugging. It is now my goal to only purchase clothes that require NO "additions" to being modest. It must be modest to begin with. This will guarantee my modesty and, not to mention, make me more comfortable!


    1. It JUST occurred to me too, which makes me feel silly after a decade of dealing with these dress issues! Alana, I am finding it sooo freeing just to be more comfortable, especially in worship services!

  2. Ha! Well, my test is usually something along the lines of, "if a child jumps/climbs/pulls on me, will I still be dressed?" LOL!

    I actually have these neat little things that snap onto my bra straps to keep me covered when I wear a shirt with a lower neckline. It's kind of like a bib {just covering the area over my bra}, so I don't have to worry about layers creeping about!

    1. LOL :). Same! My baby girl loves to tug on my neckline, and sundry other parts of my outfit :). Maybe that's why I started to think about this more... Wow, that bib thingy sounds REALLY cool!!! Gotta get me one of those...

  3. I heartily agree! I would love to learn of a place that sells camisoles high enough. I can only find ones that cut straight across the chest above "the shadow". This causes me great anxiety because it never feels securely in place. They slip and loosen easily. Sigh.

    1. Ugh, right here with you Jessica!! A lot of times I'll just wear a thicker, beater style tank top underneath. It doesn't look nearly as nice, but at least that way I'm covered. Oh fashion, how frustrating you are! Confound you! Lol.

  4. You are so right about how clothes can become a distraction because of things slipping, moving... etc. As a 20 year old, I find it very hard to find modest clothing overall. All the "junior" sections of department stores sell skirts too short, shirts too low... dresses too tight. I sometimes just give up on shopping. But thank you for this other perspective, it's something to think about!

    1. I agree Dee! I've been avoiding junior departments since high school for that very reason- everything is so tight and skimpy! Sometimes even in the ladies department I'll buy a piece one size bigger than I am, just to avoid tightness. Same with jeans- I just wear a belt, and love not having a pair of pants glued to my thighs ;)!


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