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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Collision

The man was in a hurry as he drove that sunny Thursday afternoon. Something fell down below his seat, he bent down to grab it, not even seeing the red light before him, or the car half way through the intersection...

SLAM! She didn't see it coming, just felt the collision, heard the massive screech of metal on metal, her baby screaming, felt sheer terror. Sunglasses and headband flew off her head, unnoticed, found laying on the passenger seat later that day.

Her car came to a stop on the concrete island, and not even bothering to put it into park or grab her keys, she jumped out, screaming, "I have a baby in the car! I have to get to my baby!" As passerby's pulled over and called police. They ran to help, no one could see the little girl through the billowing white of side air bags deployed.

The door opened wide, the baby okay. Relief. Poor baby, frightened white, with tears pouring down sweet apple cheeks. The mama held her close and tight, shaking with the awareness of what could have been, reeling from disbelief at what was.

Her charcoal gray camry, smashed front and back, the man in a hurry looking dazed, feeling sorry. Strangers helping, turning off the car, directing paramedics. She called her husband, wanting him to come and take care of her, the baby, the car, the paperwork, the police. Needing him there so she could just sit down.

Shock wore off and she noticed the pain. Pain from being flung one way, then the other. A sore neck, an aching back. Scrapes from the seat belt that nobly did its job, scrapes that would turn into deep bruises the next day.

The husband came. He took her under his strong arms, held her and baby, took care of business, made the decisions.

They all took an ambulance to the hospital and spent four hours in the E.R. X-rays and exams performed, everyone was just fine. The mama had a small case of whip lash.

Twas an eventful day for the O'Neill clan last Thursday. All things considered, the mama was just thankful.

Thankful that her daughter was perfectly fine, untouched by the trauma.

Thankful for another day of snuggling her sweet girl, holding her close, hearing baby babble and giggles, feeling dimpled chubby hands holding her face.

Thankful for another day to enjoy husband's embrace. To feel the sun on her face, and the gentle autumnal breeze.

Thankful for the reminder that life is a vapor. Frustrated she needed such a startling wake up call to remember.

Thankful that it could have been much worse but wasn't. Thankful that their car held strong and protected them, though it was lost in the end.

Thankful that she wasn't to blame. Thankful she hadn't seen it coming, because if she'd seen it and tensed up her injuries would have been worse.

Thankful she hadn't hurt as much the next day as the nurse promised she would.

Thankful that this minor blip in her plans had always been a part of His. Thankful that even in an automobile accident He was working all things for her good and His glory.


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