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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our Family's Favorite Pumpkin Recipes

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Nothing quite says fall like all of the delicious pumpkin baked goodies unique to this time of year. Once the leaves start turning and the air grows cooler, I go straight to the super market to pick up a beautiful can of the golden-orangey glory :).

There are many wonderful and delicious things one can do with said can. I'm sharing a few of our personal favorites just to get your domestic and creative juices flowing :).

Pumpkin Pancakes. With real deal maple syrup? Yum. This will get your husband out of bed on a cold, snowy morning :).

Pumpkin muffins. I came across this recipe about three years ago, and have been in love with their cinnamony-sugar goodness ever since! Pumpkin bliss. 

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins. I make a recipe very similar to this one, but mine was passed down from a family friend. The only basic difference is that mine has more cinnamon and chocolate chips :). Go ahead and experiment!

Pumpkin Trifle. Throwing a shower or party this fall? This scrumptious trifle is a pleasantly unorthodox dessert for guests. I've made it with vanilla pudding and spice cake mix (it was a big hit)- do whatever suits your taste!

Soft Pumpkin Cookies. I stumbled upon this recipe last fall when I was in search of a pumpkin cookie recipe that didn't call for raisins (I can't stand the blessed things!). It is extremely soft and super delicious. The drizzled glaze over top decorates them nicely.

By now you may be thinking that I am obsessed with pumpkin. In so assuming, you are absolutely correct :)!  
What pumpkin treats do you love to bake (and more importantly, eat!)?

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