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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Coming in October...

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Fall has just begun- leaves are changing, pumpkins abounding, sweaters coming out of forgotten closet corners... and I already have Christmas on my mind.

Don't hate me for bringing it to your attention so early. I know, I know. It is only September, for Pete's sake!

Last year Christmas festivities found me up to my eyeballs in stress; I waited until the last minute for almost everything, and half of my gifts and cards didn't even make it into the mail until the New Year. Very sad, I know.

That's when I determined that Christmas 2012, to the best of my ability, would be different. No more frantic frenzy of last minute cards, gifts, or baking. My goal: to have every present wrapped, every card stamped and ready to go, and all other stress-inducing preparations to be completed by Thanksgiving.

Yes, you read right. By Thanksgiving.

For the month of October I will be running a series that helps me (and all of you!) accomplish this grand feat.

Because when we have less fuss, we have more fun. When stress stops we can have just joy. No hectic last minute running around means more time sitting around the fire with family and friends, enjoying good food and all of the glorious festivities the season has to offer.

That's my "why" for getting Christmas done early. Join me?

Today I am looking for your feed back: what Holiday preparations do you usually leave to the last minute? What stresses you out the most about this time of year?

Please share in the comments, and I will try to tackle your topics of interest!

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