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Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekly Goals

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Last Week's Goals:


Make a chart for my daily routine and start doing it daily! I have been wandering aimlessly without routines or to do lists lately, and it is not me at my best, let me tell you! Made the chart, hopefully I'll get busy about the doing this coming week ;)!

Read for at least thirty minutes daily. I accomplished this almost every week day, just not the weekend. So I'm counting it!


Enjoy a relaxed weekend together, catching up after Niall's trip.


Try an activity or two from No Time for Flashcards (Moms, you have got to check out this site! It is fantastic!).  I did a variation of her sensory tub, using a giant pot, spoon, and blocks from her shape sorter. When she was bored of that, I put the blocks into my fun mini-butterfly shapes cake pan. It was a hit!


Make one new meal. Nope.

Continue to organize and declutter the house, one room at a time.


Write for one hour every day, Monday-Friday. I'm ashamed to say I haven't spent more than 15 minutes writing all week. S's naps have become significantly shorter, so I'm still trying to figure out where writing fits into our new order.

This Week's Goals:


Get page protector pockets for menu planner, shopping list, and daily routine. Stick them into the pockets and start using them!

Read 7 chapters of Let's Study Ephesians, and finish Word Hero.


Work on mutual accountability and encouragement to go to bed and get up early.

Walk together for Saturday's "Walk For Life" in Scranton, PA (sponsored by our local Crisis Pregnancy Center).


Try yogurt finger painting

No computer or mobile screen time while S is awake.


Implement an entire month's worth of meal planning (I usually do this on a weekly basis, but I'm thinking its way for time efficient to plan a bigger chunk at a time!), include one new meal for each week.

Organize and deep clean guest room (my in-laws are coming Thursday), back porch, and S's room.


Post the first three in my series on early Christmas preparation :). Complete the homework for it each day. 

What's on your agenda for the upcoming week?

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