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Friday, September 14, 2012

Weekly Goals

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You may have noticed that I never posted my goals last Friday. Well, everybody has their weeks of lunacy I suppose :). It took me two weeks to accomplish most of these goals. Here's a refresher:


Read Chapter One of Let's Study Ephesians by Sinclair Ferguson.

Continue reading Word Hero and The Well Trained Mind.


Dress up for dinner at least one night. Have candles and music going when Niall walks in the door (I am bound and determined to finally make this one happen!).

Have our monthly budgeting and financial accountability meeting.


Try a special activity with S: Art (crayons, magazine cut outs, etc.)

Encourage finger foods by offering them once each day (she is so anti-solids this kid! Any advice from seasoned Mamas?) I've been doing this most days, still little to no progress.


Make homemade laundry detergent.

Make one new meal: The Pioneer Woman's Patty Melts. You can follow along with the new meals I've been making, as well as my reviews of them, via Pinterest, if you are interested :).


Submit a guest post.

Write for one hour every day, Monday-Friday. This is becoming more of a daily habit, though it has taken me two weeks to get there!

This Weeks Goals:


Make a chart for my daily routine and start doing it daily! I have been wandering aimlessly without routines or to do lists lately, and it is not me at my best, let me tell you!

Read for at least thirty minutes daily.


Hide love notes in his luggage (he has a little business trip this week).

Welcome him home to a clean house and a nice dinner!


Try an activity or two from No Time for Flashcards (Moms, you have got to check out this site! It is fantastic!). 

Work on sleep training. Ugh. Develop a night time routine to ease her into it!


Make one new meal: bean burritos for the freezer with homemade refried beans. (Not too fancy, which is perfectly okay with me).

Organize and purge everything! Haha, I am in a kick to seriously declutter, and I'm going to ride its tide as long as I have the energy :).


Write for one hour every day, Monday-Friday.

Submit a post to Preemie Prints.

What are you hoping to accomplish within the next week?

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