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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ode to Autumn

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Yesterday was the perfect September day. We woke to a blissfully cool house: 68 degrees. It felt heavenly after months of 75-80 degrees in our non air conditioned home.

I pulled on a sweater, unvisited since early spring, and enjoyed my cozy slippers.

One cup of hot tea turned into two as the morning dwindled, then into two additional cups of coffee. It was so chilly, and as long as this doesn't become my daily habit, it seemed appropriate to indulge :).

Two pots of soup were set to simmer on the stove; one of zesty tomato, the other, rosemary white bean. Fried onions and herbs wafted spicily through the house. I breathed it in deeply, and felt the deliciousness down to my toes.
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S and I went for an early afternoon stroll. It was sunny and warm, a last serenade to our beautiful summer. We ambled along, the stroller and me, refreshed by the cool breeze. A few trees had turned, but most were still waiting to reveal their dying glories.

I love every season, and swell with excitement as each one arrives. But there is something about the Fall that  infects me more entirely with its rich splendor.

It is deep like the jewel tones of its foliage and produce; amber leaves and gourds, ruby apples, amethyst eggplants and plums.

And while all the trees around are dying, deep inside I feel breathtakingly alive.

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