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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Holiday Schedule: Plan and Chart (Day 11)

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If you're tracking along with us, you've determined your scheduled priorities for a peaceful and meaningful Christmas. To ensure that you follow through, get there on time, and avoid he stress of unpreparedness, you must now write your selected activities on your calendar!

I highly recommend investing in a large family calendar that can be hung in a central location of your home. Year round, any and all events can be boldly recorded for all to see and remember!

At this point in the year, it's a little late to purchase a 2012 calendar if you don't already have one. But there are tons of printable calendars available around the web. Google it and find one you like (here are a few to get you started: eprintable calendars, printable 2012 calendars, free calendar). Then record every event you plan on attending- concerts, special church services, family gatherings, etc.

As the events roll around, you can prepare for them in a leisurely fashion. Cookies baked the day before the swap, meal prepared long before company arrives, gifts wrapped and by the door, ready for Grandma's house.

Maybe there are a few occasions you plan on participating in which don't yet have a scheduled date. No sweat! Write the name of the event on a post-it note and stick it on the month of December in your calendar. It is your reminder to mark it down as soon as you know the official date.

Today's Assignment: Find out the dates and times of the programs, parties, and other holiday events you will be attending this year. Write them in ink on your calendar. Make notes next to the events on what you need to bring (cookies? an appetizer? a gift?) so that you can have your act together long before the date arrives!

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