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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Thankful List

This is, albeit, random... but I think S was thankful for pumpkins ;). And I love it.

This year I want to give the Lord public thanks for the many wonderful things He has done! His mercies are new every morning, His faithfulness is great, and His steadfast love reaches to the heavens!

Today, I am thankful for...
  • A whole 16 months with no illnesses for our preemie
  • S still takes two naps every day at 16 months- I am spoiled!
  • My husband has a steady job
  • All of our physical needs are met
  • Our lovely apartment with plenty of space for S to play
  • First baby steps from S
  • Sixty degree weather in Pennsylvania in November, and no major snow fall yet
  • Quiet, sunny afternoons
  • Autumnal family strolls
  • A house full of good books to read
  • Supportive and loving parents and in-laws
  • All of the new words S is spouting off and parroting
  • A loving and wonderful, Word-centered local church body
  • Tools to help us in studying and comprehending the Word of God
  • An abundance of Bibles in my home in a language I can read
  • Like-minded friends who encourage, friends who think differently and challenge me
  • A husband who sharpens me as iron sharpens iron
  • A husband who is my best friend
  • Four and a half years of joyful, enriching marriage
  • Hard times that have made our love deeper, and our faith firmer
  • The beautiful part of the country we live in, nestled in hills and trees
  • A healthy body and hands to work with
  • Music
  • A daughter who loves music too
  • A simple, happy home
  • Salvation and security in Him
  • Christ's righteousness attributed to my account- He has made me perfect forever (Heb.10:14).
  • Death is not the end
 What blessings are you praising God for in this season of Thanksgiving? 

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