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Monday, November 5, 2012

Stepping Away for a Few...Be Back Soon!

With In-Laws in October
Life has been really, really good lately. And full. We've had company, S is learning a new word almost every day it seems, and we are prepping for a full house during the holidays.

I've loved sharing our "early Christmas prep" series with you, and I hope it has been immensely helpful!

Now that it's just about finished, I think it is a good time to step away from the blog for a bit. Nothing major, just a few weeks. But a break nevertheless.

S reading with Daddy
I'm taking a major social media fast- no facebook, twitter, or blogging- so that I can focus in on my family and home. There are projects I've been letting percolate on the back burner for just a little too long that need attention. Certain chores have gone undone, piles are accumulating, and I need to refocus. I think cutting out internet for a couple weeks should do the trick and get me caught up ;).

If you'd really like to be in touch, I will be checking email, but other than that I am unreachable (unless you have my number ;)). I have the last two posts of the Christmas series preloaded and ready to post automatically tomorrow and Wednesday, so they will be available for reading (I just won't get to see your comments until I'm back).

Have a wonderful few weeks! I plan on coming back refreshed with an excellent line up of posts, so stay tuned :).

So Big!

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