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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Purposeful Perusals, 22nd Edt.

Idols of the Social Heart @ One September Day. Good reflections to evaluate if social media is an idol of your heart.

Finding Balance @ Always, Amanda. Very helpful post on balancing quality time with your children and checking off your "to dos". I love Amanda's non-negotiables!

Secret2Clean @ Daily Cup of Grace. A great four part series on caring for your domain! :)

Why Aren't We Calling it the Royal Fetus? @ Denny Burk. An interesting piece on our culture's understanding of wanted and unwanted children. Worth your read. 

Joyful Always @ Mom Heart. Been here so many times as the mom of a little one- these words encouraged and exhorted me!

What interesting things have you read around the web lately?

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