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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Series- A Week In The Life... {Meal Planning!}

I don't know about you ladies, but many times in my married life I've sunk into meal planning ruts. Sitting down to plan can be tedious and time consuming, and so often I find myself making the same. things. over. and. over. again. While I occasionally peruse cookbooks and pinboards, I don't take the time to do so nearly as often as I'd like.

My husband enjoys variety. I enjoy variety. Variety is healthy for our bodies and our minds! So how can we break out of these same old meal snafus?

What if we took the opportunity to poke our heads into another woman's kitchen- to see what works for her, how she is feeding her family, and overcoming the unique kitchen challenges she faces? And then what if we did that a few more times, with several different women of different family sizes and different nutritional needs?

Because my same old rut that I'm stuck in may have never been attempted in your kitchen. And the recipes and tricks that have become boring or blah to you and your family might be totally new and enlightening to mine!

Once a week, beginning this week, I will be sharing posts from women who've willingly sat down and written to give us a peek at a week in their life, from a meal planning perspective. Sunday through Saturday, they'll share a sampling of what they've cooked, all in one neat and tidy post for your personal culinary inspiration.

Sound yummy? I hope so! Tune in Friday for post numero uno, from yours truly ;).

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Are you interested in sharing a week of meals from your life? Please email me at thepurposefulwife@gmail.com! I'll let you know what I need from you to feature a post. The more women who participate, the merrier! :)

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