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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pregnancy Update {27 Weeks}

The lovely Sarah asked recently for a pregnancy update <3 {by the way, Sarah- can you please email me? I can't find your address and would like to get in touch!}. Seeing as there is actually something to update y'all on, I decided it would be timely to do so.

Things aren't quite as I had hoped they would be. As of my ultrasound last Thursday, my cervix had shortened by 1.5 cm. The doctor sent me home with instructions to take it as easy as possible {all of the mamas of toddlers are smirking right about now}, and booked me for a follow-up check on Tuesday. I was told to get my ducks in a row for hospitalized bed rest, depending on how things looked Tuesday.

You can bet I was a bundle of emotions coming out of that office visit- would I have to leave my little girl for the hospital? Was my son going to come super early like his sister did? What did these changes mean for me, my husband, our children, and life in general?

So we rest and wait...
Yesterday Niall and I went to the appointment, trying not to be anxious, and preparing ourselves for the worst. We were encouraged to find that no significant changes had occurred since Thursday. So as of now I am home on modified bed rest, playing the waiting game. Doctors will continue to keep a close eye on me, and only the Lord knows if this baby will come early or hang out until full term.

I am so thankful to just be home! And I am super thankful for the friends who are donating their day time hours to help me with S and around the house, as my number one duty right now is to stay on the couch :/. I would appreciate your prayers, friends- especially for peace, patience, and joyful submission to whatever the Lord has on the horizon for us.

I'll be sure to keep you updated, and will be attempting to get a normal posting schedule resumed. I'm still figuring out a schedule and routine for my life on the couch... and as I am laptop-less, there are a few hurdles to overcome in that department.

Thank you for your prayers, your encouragement... and for hanging around here with me :).

How's life been looking at your place lately?

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