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Friday, May 3, 2013

Meal Planning: A Week in Kalyn's Life

Welcome to a "Week in the Life"- a meal planning series that offers you a peek into the kitchen's of other women. Every Friday we will be featuring a different woman and a week of the meals she feeds her family. You can read more about the purpose of this series here. Happy meal planning! May your culinary side be inspired :).

Welcome to Kalyn's Kitchen!

Although I'd like to have a set meal planning schedule, it doesn't always work in this house! It's just me and my hubby, and since he works for a local TV station, he is often called in or asked to work overtime when there is breaking news. He also works the 3pm-12am shift, so dinners just don't happen.

Since I work from home - blogging, writing, and doing all sorts of things - I'm able to be a little bit more flexible. We've officially established lunchtime as our main meal, and I quite enjoy it over a heavy dinner. Then I send hubby to work with leftovers from the day before, and I have a light snack around supper time.

Here's a glimpse at what meals generally look like in our home:  

Sunday - I don't always feel like cooking, so we let ourselves have a treat and eat out after church. We love this time to try new restaurants, or grab a quick bite to eat if we're on a time crunch. In the afternoon, I browse through the new grocery store ads, choose meals for the upcoming week, and create my grocery list.

Monday - It's cleaning day, so I prepare some dough for lunch to make Calzones later. We don't stuff them with a ton of toppings though. Mozzarella and freshly cooked bacon do it for us.  

Tuesday - Sometimes hubby and I will go play a morning round of Tennis or run errands, so when we get back, Creamy Pasta with Chicken and Broccoli doesn't take long at all to put together. Then I pull whatever frozen biscuits or rolls I have from the freezer to serve alongside it.  

Wednesday - This is a more relaxed day for us, so I take the time to make my favorite Potato Soup. It's extremely filling, and makes a huge batch. Perfect for creating single servings in freezer bags for hubby's supper later.  

Thursday - Parmesan Crusted Chicken is probably one of my easiest chicken recipes - only 4 ingredients! But it's oh so juicy and flavorful. When asparagus is in season, I like to prepare it in olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice to compliment the meal.  

Friday - We could literally eat breakfast any time of day, but Fridays are perfect for late brunch of chocolate chip pancakes and scrambled eggs. It's a time saver too!  

Saturday - One of our favorite crock pot meals is Pulled Pork Sandwiches. It smells so good while it's cooking, and since it's hubby's day off, we go out on a date and come home to a supper that's ready to eat. I also pull out homemade applesauce from the freezer to go with it.

Many of the above meals are my tried and true staples, but I do enjoy trying out new recipes and will usually throw at least one in every week. How else would I make it through my embarrassingly large amount of cookbooks?!

Kalyn Brooke is a writer/blogger in Southwest Florida who isn’t afraid of hard work or BIG dreams. As a girl with an insane amount of hobbies, life is never boring, and she loves spending it with her husband, Joseph, and one super adorable bunny, named Twix. Frugal living is her passion, book hoarding her weakness, and a well-stocked freezer full of ice cream an essential luxury. You’ll find her latest money-saving ideas and projects at Creative Savings.

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