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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back to School For the Mamas {2013 Edt.}

Last September, I shared with you all my love of learning and the autumnal, back-to-school season. In honor of this most lovely time of year, I like to make sure that I am reading a hefty dose of goodies for my personal intellectual growth.

Here's how I'm furthering my own education this fall:

Last year I read Jesse Wise and Susan Wise Bauer's The Well-Trained Mind, and learned all about how to educate my children in the classical style. This year, I'm filling the gaps in my own sub-par education with Susan Wise Bauer's The Well-Educated Mind. So far it has been a fun read, challenging me to pick up all sorts of delicious classics, and to keep my own "common book" as a record of what I'm reading. I also am getting a kick out of the author's lively sense of humor- by being so witty, yet down to earth, she makes the task at hand seem more doable for average gals like me.

 Yes, I am still trudging {just barely} through Defoe's less than gripping account of the fallen Moll Flanders. I have this thing about finishing almost every book I start, and it is a classic... one of the first novels ever written. So heaven help me, I will conquer it! And then move on to one of the more exciting classics on my list, like Oliver Twist or The Great Gatsby.

For my Lord's Day reading, I've been enjoying Wiersbe's short biographical sketches of famous Christians of old lately. Jonathan Edwards, Matthew Henry, Katie Luther... all fascinating people who's faithful examples are desperately needed in our current casual Christian culture. Each chapter covers one person, is only a 5-8 pages long, and stands well on its own, so it is easy to put it down for awhile and pick back up right where you left off. Perfect for busy mamas!

I am trying to discipline myself to read books during nursings, instead of my blog rolls and Facebook newsfeed :). That should ensure good progress!

What books are on your reading list this fall? How do you celebrate back-to-school season?

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