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Friday, September 6, 2013

Life With Toddler {A New Series}

 S just turned two last month. She is a delight to my soul, bringing massive amounts of joy, laughter, and energy to each day.

She is also my greatest challenge. All of that energy demands that I respond likewise, and some days it is impossibly hard. Half of the time I just wonder if I'm doing things right, how I ought to respond to her, how to handle the different situations that arise.

Tantrums. Whining. Insatiable curiosity. Food issues. And boy oh boy does the girl want and need so much of her mama- my time, my love, my affection, my undivided attention.

Over the month of September I'll be sharing lessons I'm learning, what's been working in our home, how we are trying to embrace age two as terrific, not terrible :). I plan to cover education, family worship, adjusting to a new baby, handling housework... as well as anything else that strikes me.

Because I really long for the wisdom and fellowship of other mamas, I will be hosting a link-up here at the end of the month, on Friday the 27th. Any and all posts on toddlers are welcome (feel free to dig up your archives)!

What is your biggest challenge as the mother of a toddler? What kind of topics would you like to see covered in this series and the link-up?

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