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Monday, October 21, 2013

Cheese Stuffed Mini Peppers

I have officially made these Pinterest, string cheese-stuffed, mini-peppers not once, but twice. Once just to eat with my family, and once for a party. They were a hit on both occasions!

Very, very simple: Just cut your string cheese in half, slice peppers down their centers and remove the seeds, insert cheese, and broil.

The directions said to broil them for ten minutes. I did so the first time I made them, and the cheese spilled out everywhere... still tasty, just not as pretty {as you can see in my photos}. The second time I only broiled them for 7 minutes, and I thought they turned out perfect {boy I wish I had remembered to take a picture this time!}.

Watch them as they cook, know your own oven, and use your best judgment. Either way, you can't really mess them up. They are super tasty! Just note that mine are no where near as pretty as the original pin :).

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