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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Felt Mr. Potato Head

All you need for this adorable play thing is colorful felts and a good pair of scissors. The blogger who made the handy-dandy printable pattern for it double-layered her felts and sewed them together {darling!}, but I am no seamstress, and fairly anti-crafty, so I simply hot glued the pieces that needed sticking together, and kept each accessory single layered.

Hers was way cuter than mine, but mine works. So if you are super crafty, please go to town and make your Potato Head awesome. But if you are just a simple gal like me, I'll bet you can still make a semi-decent one that your kids still love playing with :). I love pins that can work for anyone!

S enjoyed playing with this today while Mommy was in the dentist's chair. Although I think she wished that the felt mustache would stick to her face too ;).

P.S- I have officially been slacking when it comes to this 31 Days business... as you know, October ends tomorrow, but to make up for my missed posts I plan to finish up the rest of the week with more pin-tastic posts :). Thanks for sticking with me!

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