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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Teaching My Child To Sweep

As a parent, one of my key responsibilities is teaching my children how to work hard and how to manage a home. Though only 2, S is responsible for cleaning up her toys and crayons. She helps throw away diapers, and puts her dirty clothes in her laundry basket. As she grows, so will the list of housekeeping tasks I require of her.

When I saw this pin for a fun way to teach your child to sweep, it seemed wonderful! S loves doing what mama does. She has a toy broom which she loves to "sweep" with {or dance to "Steppin' Time" with, alternately}. And she loves games. Perfect!

I purchased a roll of painter's tape and marked a square for her in the linoleum to sweep all of the crumbs into. I had even allowed a good week or so of dirt to build up, making it a timely exercise ;). Oh wait, maybe sweeping just hasn't happened as often as I'd like it to since baby #2 :). In any case, the floor was good and prepped for her sweeping game!

Bless her heart, my little girl just doesn't have the coordination for this activity yet. Oh, someday she will {and we will bring this game back out when she does- I still think it's a fabulous idea!}, but for now, one little hand holds the broom, swishing crumbs back and forth with no rhyme or reason.

Ah well. Guess she can't be my floor cleaner yet {drat!}.

What chores are your kids responsible for? Do you have any inspiring ideas for making housework more fun?

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