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Friday, October 11, 2013

Homemade Mozarella Sticks

I don't know about you, but mozarella sticks are one of my favorite appetizers. I mean, come on- hot, melted, gooey, cheese- deep fried.... need I say more? Really, I could have just stopped at "cheese"- isn't that enough?

You should know that this recipe originates with The Pioneer Woman, which instantly makes it awesome. Seriously, the woman is genius.

These lovely delicacies were easy to make, and a huge hit. I made them on a Friday when some of our best friends came over for a movie night. Everyone loved them!

Friend Amy, Son W, and Mum-In-Law Cathy enjoying cheesy goodness
 The only issue I ran into while making them was that my hands got all eggy and floury clumped, and I think that got in the way of the Panko sticking flawlessly and evenly to the mozarella. But I have that issue with everything I've ever breaded- chicken strips... and I actually can't think of anything else I've ever breaded. So never mind.

You get the picture. Delicious, tasty, a for-sure must try!

Anyone else out there have my issues with breading? 

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