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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Sock Bun

My sister Anna first introduced me to the sock bun. Her heavy, ridiculously curly, and out-of-control hair looked beautifully smooth and sleek in it. While she planned on teaching me how to do it on our vacation together, time got away and the tutorial never came to pass.

So naturally, when I saw a sock bun "how to" on Pinterest, I pinned that sucker. Beautiful, chic, no-hassle bun? Yes please!

Turns out, the sock bun is a bit more hassle than I imagined.I guess my sister just made it look easy! She wore it so well.

My first attempt was pretty messy. I've tried to trouble shoot it- I've done it with my hair both wet and dry. At this point the best I can come up with looks pretty much just like any other messy bun I could make without a sock. It just doesn't stay in as well as other messy buns I've made. Boo!

I guess some looks require practice... and silly me wants instant gratification ;). Have you tried the sock bun? Was it awesome, or not-so-much?

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