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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Vintage Silhouettes

This project has got to be the highlight of 31 Days for me. When I first saw these "vintage pop silhouettes" on Pinterest, I completely fell in love with them. I adore everything classic! To think that non-crafty me could potentially capture such beautiful silhouettes of my children was thrilling.

The silhouettes look impressive, but they are downright easy to make- an elementary schooler could do it. The *hardest* part for me was getting my 2 year old to stand still for her profile shot. It took us about 15 tries, no joke.

Because I am impatient and lack crafting brilliancy, I did smudge them a tad. FYI, you should probably wait for each layer to dry before moving on to the next step ;).

The original pin used bright, stand-out colors. I chose to go with a simple black and white because I wasn't sure of where I was going to hang them {still trying to decide}, and black and white seemed safe for wherever they might end up.

This project was also very wallet friendly. I was able to purchase all of my supplies at Wal-Mart. The priciest necessity is the Modpodge. 

Oh, was it fun to capture my little girl's sweet curly locks and eyelashes!

Niall says our son looks like Alfred Hitchcock in his... and I have to agree. What do you think?

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