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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pipe Cleaner Color Sort

Want an easy to make educational activity that will keep your toddler engaged on the road {or at home, for that matter}? Well, today's your lucky day ;).

The Pipe Cleaner Color Sort will take you maybe five minutes to assemble. All you need is an empty container {I used a "puffs" one, but I imagine that an oats or even plain tupperware would work}, a few pipe cleaners in assorted colors, round binder stickers, markers, and a hole punch.

 You may notice that my holes are not as evenly or neatly distributed across the lid as the original pin was. That is because 1) my hole punch is pretty small, and couldn't reach far enough, and 2) I am not a brilliant and amazing crafty person. You also may notice that I didn't bother to prettily decorate it's exterior. If prettily decorating your Pipe Cleaner Sort thrills you, than please, by all means, go to town with it and have fun. Personally I just didn't bother.

The good news for me and you is that you don't have to be crafty, and this project doesn't have to be perfect {or even pretty!}, in order for your child to have a good time. S figured out the matching business rather quickly. She spent 10 or 15 minutes playing with it when I first made it for her, and usually revisits it at least once a day since. I think this would probably occupy a younger toddler for even longer.

*Note: The blogger who originated this idea recommends folding over the ends of the pipe cleaners and twisting them tightly to avoid poking fingers. This has worked well for us so far!

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