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Monday, November 11, 2013

A Creative Cover for Your Child's Table

Today I have something fun for you. Something that will make your life a little easier, and your kiddos lives a little more colorful.

For her birthday my mom bought S a sweet little table and chairs. S eats at this table, reads at this table, plays at this table, but most frequently; colors at this table.

And every day I would cringe as I heard the crayon scrape off the paper and onto the table. Sometimes it was an accident {because let's be real, two year olds aren't the most coordinated people}. Most of the time it was because coloring the table seemed like way more fun to S.

At any rate, I was a teensy bit tired of scrubbing off crayon marks. If I even bothered to clean them, which honestly, I didn't often. Instead the ugly big marks glared at me, making distracting eye clutter that annoyed my OCD side.

One afternoon a blessed fix dawned on me. I carefully selected a handful of coloring pages, pictures of some of her favorite things {a ballerina. the moon. puppies and kitties.}. Then I took my handy dandy roll of painter's tape, and handcrafted a table cover just for her.

It was a stroke of genius, folks. S loves coloring on her table! There is always something for her to color on, so I don't have to neatly set her up with coloring books every time she feels the creative urge. When she spills a little something, there is a cover to catch it. When I look around the room, I'm no longer plagued by an eyesore. And when the pages fill up or tear, I simply replace them.

I still might cringe for a moment when I hear the crayon take to the table. But then I remember its covered and just relax. Issues? Yes, I have them.

Several friends {who also happen to be toddler mamas} have commented on how neat it is when they're over. So I thought I'd share with you if it could be of any help. Seriously, whatever makes life easier.

Happy coloring!

Warning: The only negative I've experienced with this set up is that the ink from the back of the coloring pages tends to rub off onto the table. For me its still worth it, because 1) I don't see the marks until I take the pages off to replace them, and 2) S has so much fun with this. You could avoid this by printing coloring pages on just one side (as opposed to using two-sided pages from coloring books), if you're concerned. 

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