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Friday, August 1, 2014

What We've Been Up To

Me and the Kids at the Beach
It's been months {8? 9?!? yikes!} since I've posted here. I've had the pleasure of hearing from a handful of you- thank you for your encouragement and friendships! Fellowship with other bloggers and readers is definitely my favorite part of being in this space.

In November I decided to drop blogging as a priority, and to just let it happen if it happened. Lesson learned: if I don't intentionally make the time and effort to be here, it just doesn't happen.

S just turned three, and W is one. They are super fun and super high energy! We enjoy weekly trips to our library's story hour, I'm vacuuming almost every day to keep W from eating floor junk, and he pretty much climbs everything, making my life a tad stressful. S continues to love books, music, and being social. I feel like we spend a little too much time out and about, and need to restructure our lives more homewards.

We love ice cream...
Since January our family has experienced a series of great ups and downs, highs and lows. Niall lost his job, found a new temporary one that he loves, we were miraculously able to pay off the last of our school loans, and God has provided for us to take several trips to see family and just relax that seemed out of our budget and impossible. He is so good. 

We recently experienced another miscarriage. It has been rough. Our children bring so much joy to our lives that we were delighted at the prospect of growing our family. After seeing baby twice on ultrasounds, everything looked great and we felt secure in the pregnancy. It's just another reminder that nothing in life is guaranteed, and we don't know the number of our days. The grief has been hard, but we've been so blessed by the compassion of other believers, and are anxious to see the Lord at work in our lives, no matter what course He takes.

...Yes we do!
Lately I've just been really tired. Can any of the mamas relate?! W is having a rough time at night with teething and growth spurts, S has occasional night terrors, and both kids still get up early. I take naps as frequently as possible, and am just trying to keep my head above water. I also read a lot. My desire is to get back into this space, frequently. Writing is a good and enjoyable discipline for me.

So that pretty much sums up life here these days. How have you been?

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