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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Writing Ahead of Myself

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A very easy trap to fall into as a blogger {at least for this blogger} is to fill posts with awe-inspiring ideals that look great on paper  screen, but don't translate into my real life. I'm great at making lists and goals and plans, both on and offline, but very poor when it comes to follow through.

I realize that that can paint an inaccurate picture for readers. It might seem like I really have my act together. That I teach my kids and clean my house and have regular devotions that would put Susannah Spurgeon to shame. Ha! So not the case. Not even close.

For example, this post on educating my toddler? Yeah, that one. While we go to the library most weeks and still read a ton, I'm still terrible about planning crafts for S to do. Maybe once a month? Or every other month?

Slow and Steady Get Me Ready? I used the activities in that for about a month before it got buried under a pile of good intentions and sat dusty and alone for the rest of the year. I pulled it out again towards the middle of June with the best of intentions. Three weeks later it was once again forgotten. I still find it to be a great tool and still hope to make it a regular part of our groove... but, we'll see.

Or this post, originally written for A Biblical Marriage, on my plans to start praying more... to my shame, it is nothing more than a plan that I still need to be reminded of {note to self: must print it out and post where I will see it often} and still desire to implement. But heavens, I cannot claim that it is a regular habit of my life yet.

I also want to note that life changes. With the ebb and flow of seasons, children added to the family and life and work changes, my routines and habits are constantly changing. Recently one of you asked about my scripture memory program and if it was still working out for me. The answer to that would be... no.

For five years I loved that system... but after five years, I had quite the stack of review verses. It was taking me an average of 30 minutes a day to get through the program, and after W was born I just quit trying to keep up with it. Now, one year later, I am trying to ease back in and figure out where to go from here.

Please don't look at all of my past posts and imagine I'm still successfully spinning all of these plates. I'm not.

All this to say, I sometimes write ahead of myself. Instead of waiting to write from real experience and what I know, I write of what I want and aim to be. In an effort to be more authentic, I will be posting bold disclaimers when content I'm sharing is an ideal and not for real. More importantly, I'm committing {yikes is that a scary word to type out} to write mainly about what I know from my daily grind experience. Tips and tricks that I've found to be tested and true.

Hang with me while I grow in grace? And please remember, I'm just a fallen woman who makes a heck of a lot of mistakes. A woman who is trying to stop writing ahead of herself.

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