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Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Gaggle of Mother Gooses

I believe that every child ought to be exposed to Mother Goose. These poems and witty rhyming tales have been passed down for hundreds of years, and are an integral part of Western culture. Because they rhyme, they are easy pieces for young children to memorize. Preschoolers really ought to be memorizing as much as possible- their brains are so fresh and capable, and information stored permanently now will assist and benefit them for a life time. Most of the tales present a moral or important truth, excellent education for young minds.

But where to begin? There are many, many options out there. Since the rhymes are practically ancient, texts are all basically identical. Find a copy with illustrations that you and your child love.

Here are a few we like around here.

My Very First Mother Goose, edited by Iona Opie and illustrated by Rosemary Wells. I really like the work of Rosemary Wells {of Max and Ruby fame}, though I understand that not everyone is partial. My daughter loves the bright animal illustrations. We read this one the most frequently at our house.

The Glorious Mother Goose, selected by Cooper Edens. This 1988 edition features artwork from the 1800s and early 1900s, with several different pictures for each rhyme. I love to note the differences in depictions, and old illustrations are just my cup of tea.

The Original Mother Goose, based on the 1916 classic with pictures by Blanche Fisher Wright. I really really like the illustrations in this edition. Ladies in bonnets with quaint and delicate features, pink cheeked cherub babies, old hags with huge noses, and charming victorian printed curtains and bed skirts. My grandmother got it for S one Christmas, and it is a definite keepsake.

For younger readers with shorter attention spans, Mary Engelbreit has put out several smaller board book collections. Funny Mother Goose, Happy Mother Goose, Silly Mother Goose, etc. We've checked several of them out from the library. If you're a fan, definitely grab a copy :)!

Looking for more great books to read with your preschooler? Check out the rest of this 31 Days series here!

Some of the links above are affiliate links- which means that if you make a purchase through them, I receive a small profit at no extra charge to you. But you should know that I am an avid believer in reading for free through both local and church libraries ;). Thanks for supporting The Purposeful Wife!

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