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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Our Summer Bucket List

Each season of the year is only here for a brief snippet- it comes, and then it goes with little fanfare. There are so many seasonal activities that I want to share with my children. Memories to be made, with only a short time to make them.

This year I am attempting to be a little more intentional and not let the seasons just pass me by. I've made a simple summer bucket list to 1) make sure I am doing the things with my kids that I really know they will enjoy and can only enjoy in the summer, and 2) to cherish the days instead of just letting them fly by unmarked.

I'm sure that everyone's list would look a little different, but I hope my lends you some inspiration if you're looking for it.

  • Go strawberry picking. At time of posting, the window for this year's strawberry crop has ended, but we did it- yay! Add it to your list for next year if you missed out.
  • Make strawberry freezer jam. I've been wanting to try my hand at homemade jam for years, so it is now or never. I'll be following this recipe found on Pinterest
  • Go blueberry picking. Can't wait to fill my freezer with these goodies!
  • Visit as many local playgrounds as possible, as often as possible. My kids love running around at a good park, and it is a great way to spend a few hours and use up all that blessed energy they have. Exploring new play equipment and scenery adds to the adventure.
  • Purchase a Popsicle mold and make them often, try as many flavors as possible. Kind of vague, I know, but I'll be keeping a list of the flavors we have made and our thoughts on them to help keep me accountable, and to make it a reality {same goes for my park goal}. I'm starting here for a list of flavor ideas
  • Take the kids swimming at least a couple of times. Sadly I have gone entire summers without swimming once... but now that kids are involved I think that would be a tragedy for their childhoods. This should be an easy goal to hit- we plan on spending a week at my parent's home in Kansas later this summer, Lord willing, and they have a pool. Also my sister got the kids a kiddie pool for their birthdays, one of our local parks has a splash park, and we are hoping to take a day trip to the beach at least once. 
  • Visit the ocean at least once. Living only a couple of hours away from the Jersey shore leaves us with no excuse! My husband and I both love the beach, and our kids have been clamoring to go. Thank you for the increased motivation, Summer Bucket List.
  • Go on lots of picnics. Heaven knows why, but eating outdoors is just more fun. Combined with our playground resolution, we should have plenty of opportunities to meet this goal. 
  • Have as many BBQ's as possible. One of my very favorite things to do in summer is to have friends over for a barbecue. You can't beat the food- burgers, pasta salad, baked beans, watermelon, chips, grilled veggies... and again, something about eating outside is magical, especially when you're with a group of fun people. If we don't do this at least a dozen times, I'm going to be lamenting lost barbecues come Fall. 
  • Buy a lot of local produce to preserve for the winter. I'm no canner, but I can dice tomatoes and peppers to fill my freezer for soups and chilis all winter long. We have a great family run farm near us with unbeatable prices. 
  • Catch fireflies in a jar with the kids. My kids are usually in bed for the night before dark, but at least once I want to let them stay up late to experience this magic. 
  • See a fireworks show. Hello Independence Day!
  • Hit up the zoo. There is a very nice zoo by my parents house, so I think this might be another good activity for our Kansas trip. 
  • Go to a fair. Mostly for the food of course :), but I think the kids would also enjoy seeing the animals and checking out a few rides.

So what are your summer must dos? 

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