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Friday, July 10, 2015

A Capsule Maternity Wardrobe {Summer Edition}

Lately I'm all about making life as simple as possible {check out my minimalist challenge and ways to cut decision fatigue}. The simpler my day, the more free I am for people and priorities that really matter. Less housework = more out of doors time with the kids. An easy dinner = easy clean up and less time on my 27 weeks pregnant feet.

One area I've super simplified is my wardrobe. With my last pregnancy, I collected quite a maternity collection by taking weekly trips to the thrift store. Now that I've gotten to wear them with two different pregnancies, I'm figuring out which pieces really work for me and which ones don't.

Hard as it is {since maternity clothing can be so expensive, and I got such great deals on them!} I have been getting rid of items like nobody's business. I've streamlined {almost} until it hurts, and I am super happy with the results.

Pilled tee? Gone! Makes me feel like a whale? Out of here! Low-cut or weird fitting? Donate!

Here's what I've been wearing:
  • 2 Maxi Skirts- One is maternity, and one isn't but works well anyway. 
  • 2 Pairs of Shorts- Neither of these are maternity, but I have a belly band from Target that makes them work perfectly. One pair is gray, the other denim.
  • 2 Pairs of Jeans- One nice maternity pair, one pre-pregnancy pair with belly band.
  • 1 Pair of Capris- Maternity. I don't love them and almost didn't include them on this list, but they work for laundry days, or getting outside and dirty with the kids.
  • 3 Dresses- All maternity. One gray short-sleeved, one fuchsia short sleeved, and one sleeveless print. I love wearing dresses in the summertime, especially when I am pregnant! They are cool and comfy, a simple one piece outfit... and yet somehow you look more put together and get plenty of compliments. 
  • 2 Blouses- One is sleeveless and one is short-sleeved... and what I love is that neither of them are maternity! They are two of my favorite pieces even when I'm not pregnant! Their loose, flowy fabric and cut have made them very maternity-friendly so far. 
  • Sundry tee-shirts and tanks- I have about 5 maternity tanks/camis in various colors that I layer under the dresses and blouses, or just wear with shorts on a hot day. I also have a couple of basic maternity tee-shirts that I pair with the skirts and other bottoms. 
This puts me at about 22 pieces total. The freedom it gives me is remarkable, a breath of fresh air each morning when it takes me all of 30 seconds to decide what to wear. 

Most people end up wearing the same things over and over again anyway- why not remove the unloved pieces that are taking up space in your closet? 

The other thing I love is that if I were to lose all of my maternity clothes before another pregnancy, I would know exactly what to buy if I needed them again in a few years. Instead of spending a fortune or scouring the thrift store each week, I would simply search for a few key pieces at the most reasonable price {a dress or two. tank tops. tee shirts.}. I also have the benefit of knowing how to work non-maternity items while pregnant, which can save a bundle.

What do you think? I'd love to hear challenges and successes you've had in dressing your pregnant body!

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