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Monday, July 13, 2015

Happy Birthday, Miracle Girl

Today my sweet S turns four. I can hardly believe that it's been four years since the NICU... four years since I first laid eyes on the tiniest human being I've ever seen.

This birth is choking me up more than previous ones have. Something about four sounds so old... no longer a toddler, almost school age. Yikes. While I think I'll be okay hitting the bigger numbers on my birthdays to come, having my kids get older is really going to kill me.

Me and S, six days old
A little bit about S right now:

Her favorite daily breakfast is cornflakes and milk {seriously kid?}, but on special occasions, definitely chocolate chip pancakes.

Every time she asks for a drink, she gives this speech- "Can I please have some milk mom? Not a half a cup of milk, no thank you please, just a lot of milk!" She runs the words all together because she's quoted them countless times, but still says every word, every time.

Her favorite color is red {still}. If you haven't guessed yet, she is a bit of a spitfire.

She wears a dress every. single. day. Because she's a princess, and don't you know mom, princesses can't wear pants. Apparently.

She still wears glasses and is down to four hours a day of patching for vision therapy. Woohoo to progress!

She is a total book worm {girl after my own heart}, and loves looking at them by herself, being read to {chapter books too}, and listening to audio books. Since she was super little, if she is too quiet it is almost a guarantee that I will find her curled up in a corner with a book. Unlike silence with her little brother... which usually means some serious trouble.

Her favorite dinner is tacos, because tortilla chips + sour cream + cheese = hello!

She loves her veggies and bread, but would rather skip the meat. Again, polar opposite of her brother, who devours his meat and snubs veggies.

She no longer wants me to sing to her at bedtime. Which kind of breaks my heart.

Over all this girl is so much fun. I feel more and more like I have a companion and kindred spirit in her. I just have to be careful, because with her strong temperament {and my more phlegmatic one} she is likely to try and rule the roost. Keeps me on my toes folks... but I wouldn't trade her for anything!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

You can catch S's preemie birth story here

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