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Friday, July 24, 2015

Being "Relate-able"

A few weeks ago we had a little gathering of friends at our house. For once {thanks entirely to my husband who hates a messy house} things looked pretty good around here. The floors were vacuumed and mopped, counter tops were tidied, and a general aura of order prevailed. I had just finished the 30 Day Minimalist Challenge, so it was also a lot easier to pick up.

One of my friends is very observant {I'm looking at you Jen}- she just notices things- what you are wearing, a recently added decoration, etc. She complimented my clean house, then said "I see those crayon marks on your wall. And that I can relate to." It made me smile, because isn't that just where we are at folks?

Both a perfectly clean house and a perfectly groomed internet image can really be discouraging to those of us who struggle. And who doesn't? So in a spirit of full disclosure, in honor of Jen and being "relate-able," here is what my life really looks like:

Try as I might, as many titles as I've gotten rid of, as many times as I've ROYGBIV'd the shelves, I cannot get our children's book collection under control. It is a sickness people.

Every day my daughter's bed looks like this {especially bad after her daily quiet time of reading while her brother naps}. And every night before tucking her in I scramble to cram as many I can back onto the shelves... giving up and dumping them on her night stand and floor instead. Truth.

This is my current laundry situation. Any given day which you step into my abode, you may be greeted by piles of clothing on my kitchen floor waiting to be sorted, washed and dried. It blocks pretty much the entire walkway.

And yes, I do have crayon marks on my walls. In multiple locations actually. While I might buy a magic eraser someday to take care of them {blue dawn on a sponge can also work nicely} it's just not on my priority list right now. Especially since my little guy spontaneously adds to them when he knows mommy isn't looking. A blank slate would just be way too much temptation for him.

The only flowers in my home were picked from a friend's garden and are sadly past their prime. They stand next to a couple piles of stuff that need to be sorted and put away, and I should probably pitch them already. Magically, they still smell divine.

This chalk hand print has been on my entryway door for probably at least two months. It makes my heart happy every time I see it, so I probably won't wipe it off until we move someday {Lord only knows when that might be}. It is a reminder of the abundant little blessings in my life and good times together.

Beyond these little issues, we have a serious ant infestation. Not the cute little sugar ones, but the big nasty black ones that make an audible crunch when you squish them. Way too gross to merit a picture.

Still? Life is so good. It may be filled with imperfections and undone tasks. It might be a little more hectic or blurring by at a swifter pace then I would like... but it is so good.

God is faithful. His mercies are new each morning. By His grace there is more love and joy here most days then not... even if accompanied by crumbs, a trail of toys, and way too many dirty diapers.

How's that for full disclosure?

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