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Monday, September 28, 2015

Nesting:The Deep Clean

Theoretically, I know that a baby doesn't need to be welcomed into a perfectly decorated, perfectly organized, perfectly clean environment. Life is germs and clutter and mess. Messes being made and cleaned are part of the on-going reality of each day. It's not going to end until Jesus comes back, folks.

And yet, once you enter that tricky postpartum phase of sleepless nights and leaking body parts, you just know you won't have the energy to keep up with your normal cleaning. Nor should you, even if you could. The first month after baby should be one in which you actually put your feet up, soak in your newborn, and recover physically from the marathon that is pregnancy, labor, and delivery. 

You and I both know it is easier to put our feet up when the house is a little cleaner. So my goal before welcoming a new baby is to have my house as clean as possible. Not perfect- I refuse to kill myself. But basically neat and tidy. 

This pregnancy I started with a plan to do "once-overs" in each room of my home. I began in the front of my house with the entry way, worked around each room clockwise starting to the left of the door/entrance, and intended to make my way through each room. 

For me a "once-over" entails putting things in their places, giving surfaces a quick wipe down, and vacuuming/mopping. Just a basic organization, tidying up, and quick clean. I started at about 36 weeks. 

I had hoped to get through the entire house that week, and then to repeat the process each week until delivery. Unfortunately I accomplished only half of my house the first week {gotta pace yourself}, and found myself too busy with freezer cooking and {attempting} preschool at home to carry on. 

I hit up most of the major areas by 38 weeks, though a few cobwebs did linger, and not all of my cupboards got wiped down. 

This gave me a basic peace of mind that I'd been through each section of my house and there were no seriously scary disasters lurking out of sight. The main areas were clear, and each room a little bit easier to maintain. 

Then I made a nightly quick clean checklist, just in case I were to go into labor. My goal? To wash my dishes, wipe down the counters, and do a spot cleaning of the floor each night before bed... just in case. When consistent in this routine, it really doesn't take me longer than 30 minutes or so each night. 

And that's it. My big plan for "deep cleaning" before baby. I felt so relaxed at night when my big belly was able to lounge on the couch of a clean home. 

Seriously though, don't sweat the small stuff. If you feel good and accomplish a total spring cleaning overhaul, more power to you. But if your body is wiped and you can't keep up with the small stuff, there is plenty of grace for that too <3. We are all about love here folks- if it thrills you, go to it. If you have no energy or desire, don't think twice about it. 

Disclaimer: I have way more fun writing about cleaning than I actually have cleaning. Which is why you don't find too many how to cleaning posts around these parts ;). 

I'm convinced that regular maintenance is the key to keeping a clean home. If you are looking for a system to get you started, there are several I recommend:

Fly Lady can be super inspiring. Though her daily flood of emails was a bit much for me, I do like checking her site periodically for further cleaning wisdom and motivation. 

Clean Mama has a simple weekly cleaning routine that is easy to follow. I particularly like following her on instagram for daily cleaning reminders. Also I think pale turquoise is our mutual favorite color, so her pictures of her home and cleaning supplies just make me happy. 

The Mount Vernon Method of cleaning was my main inspiration for "once-overs." Basically, you start in one room and work around it clockwise. When you are done cleaning for the day, you just stop and pick up where you left off the next day. 

I like Lindsay of Passionate Homemaking's simple rotation for cleaning in about 30 minutes a day, four days a week. 

If you have more time before baby, going through something like Sarah Mae's 31 Days to Clean could also be a fun challenge!

And because the less stuff  you have, the easier it is to keep a clean home- tomorrow we will be covering organization :). My absolute favorite homemaking topic!!! Stay tuned. 

More helpful links: 

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