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Thursday, December 10, 2015


Everyday last week I sat down at this computer and attempted to type a blog post. I ended the week with four or five drafts... none of them complete thoughts, none of them quite ready for the old "publish" button.

Sometimes that's how it goes. Creativity gets bottle-necked, writer's get blocked, delight becomes drudgery.

Lucky for me, I've recently discovered a new medium for exercising my creative muscles.

I was pretty late to the Instagram party, because really, who needs another social media outlet when the time is short and the children are many and the social medias are all a bit too addicting already? Anyone else out there know what I am saying?!?

I created an account several years ago, then never touched it- never posted, never followed anyone, never looked at it. Then probably about nine months ago on a whim I started posting, and browsing it a bit. Just for the fun. Much to my surprise, I discovered that I really like it!

One of my favorite parts of Instagram is that there are all of these communities of bookish folks like me. People who take pictures of pretty books with tea cups and candles and other pretty things. All of my favorites, I'm telling you! It makes me feel less alone in my book nerdiness.

These "bookstagrams" inspire me- they make my heart happy, brighten up my day a bit, make me want to beautify my own surroundings {a big part of homemaking}, but more importantly- they make me want to read more. This is a good thing. Like when you hang out with friends who blow your mind with their conversations and you just feel desperate to get to your library and read read read, because there is so little time and so many good books!

So I've been loving the book grams {as well as home decor and mothering ones} for awhile now. From time to time various Instagrammers will facilitate month long challenges- post a gram everyday following a thematic prompt. They always looked like fun, and I would wistfully admire the challenge leaders and participants from a distance.

No more. This December I've been doing a #HolidayBookChallenge, and it has been super fun. I have no illusions of grandeur, but it has been a fun creative outlet that is *hopefully* improving my non-existent photography abilities, pushing me to try new things, and highlighting my deep love of literature. All good things.

It's important for moms of little people to make time for pursuits that energize them, and it doesn't hurt that this pursuit of mine fits neatly into just 5 minutes or so of my morning.

Are you on Instagram? What creative outlets inspire your motherhood?

{Pssst, if bookstagramming is your thing, I have got to point you to BookMusings. She is my fav! And if you'd like to follow along with my creative endeavors, you can find me on Instagram here.}

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