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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Let the Holidays Begin!

We spent most of Thanksgiving week and weekend in Virginia Beach, Virginia, visiting college friends. It was delightful to get away and catch up with so many kindred spirits, and made even more delightful by the 70 degrees and sunshine. 

Now we're back in cold and dreary Pennsylvania... 

But it is good to be home, good to work our way back into routines, good to clean the mess I left in preparation for the Christmas decorations and toys I'm slowly unpacking. 

One of the best Christmas presents my family has ever gotten is a simple, homemade advent jar. From December 1-25, each stick has one Scripture passage related to the Christmas story. We started this morning in Matthew 1:19-25, and I'm so excited to center our kids in the Word this season. 

While we have never been proponents of Santa, the kids have certainly picked up on the cultural traditions around them. It wasn't even Thanksgiving yet, and my two and four year old were talking about the presents "Santa" was going to bring them. 

Of course a conversation ensued on the roots of the Santa story, the real reason we give gifts at Christmas {celebrating God's gift to us of His Son, emulating the Wise Men, etc.}, and how it is nice to pretend about Santa, but the man you see dressed up like him is not the real deal. We've had many more similar conversations since. That Santa guy shows up everywhere!

So I'm extra concerned this year that my kids understand what Christmas is really about for us as Christians. The Advent Jar will help for sure, as well as reading lots of Scripture centered children's Christmas books. I'm open to more resources and ideas if you have them!

I hope that all of my American friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving, with many good things to thank the Lord for. And to all of you, that this year's Christmas time is one in which we can all remain rooted and grounded in the glorious good news of our Savior's birth. Happy December!

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