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Friday, January 8, 2016

Habits to Form in 2016

Goal setting is an area that I still really struggle in.

In light of this, I decided to keep things simple this year and focus on a few key habits that I'd like to form.

Because I am a check-list loving gal {the thrill of ticking off little boxes with pretty pens makes me feel so accomplished and happy!}, I've simply been listing the five or six habits/goals I want to develop on the right side of each day in my daily planner. As I complete each goal for the day I check it off.

This simple method is working so far in that it is keeping my most important want-to-do's ever before my eyes. I am already looking at my planner a dozen times a day- if I want to change in an area, this is a prime reminder location.

I've started with 5 habits that I want to work on all year, and 1 that is simply for the month of January. Once I am in a rhythm with them and feel like it is doable, I might add to the list.

If you're curious what they are, here goes:

Get outside every day. I'm a firm believer in all of the benefits of daily fresh air intake, especially as a part of the idyllic childhood experience. I want to be the mom that takes her kids outside every day, come hell or high water.

But when I haven't showered and it is 2 o'clock in the afternoon, and it is freezing cold, and I have to bundle up three children {including an infant} and myself, and our unfenced in yard sits smack on a busy road... well, it's a challenge.

So I'm laying aside excuses and committing to just. doing. it. Even if it's only two minutes to the mailbox and back. A little fresh air is better than no fresh air. My two-year-old all-boy boy bounces off the walls and really needs to not be cooped up all winter long.

Work on my blog every day. Except Sundays. Blogging is a hobby that I thoroughly enjoy... but I often neglect because I'd rather take a nap or watch t.v. sometimes. Which is fine, except that I want this to be a discipline- something I see the benefits of, and am committed to doing every day, no matter how I feel. I believe that committing to what's important to you is important. I want to walk by faith, not feelings.

Pray with my kids every day. Praying with my kids is so humbling- it forces me to confess my sins before the Lord and them, to make things right and keep the relationships healthy and open. I want to point my babies to Jesus- if they hear me talking to Him throughout their days, I am certain it will be a first step in making the Gospel impression on them that I am so desperate to make.

Pray with my husband every day. Niall and I are never so close as when we are praying together. Praying with my husband keeps me updated on what's on his mind, humbles me {see previous paragraph}, and refreshes our commitments to one another and the Lord. So good. We've been doing this at the close of each day.

Go to bed at 10 every night. I do not do well on lack of sleep. Yet I am so undisciplined about going to bed at night- I am a glutton for pleasure who wants to stuff every after bedtime child-free moment with fun fun fun! This is seriously sabotaging me in my efforts as a mom {tired mom= cranky and unkind mom}, wife {tired wife is no fun to be around, and is insanely selfish}, and homemaker {tired homemaker would rather scroll Facebook all day than clean, cook, and organize}. This is going to have to be my keystone habit for the year.

And just for January...

No sugar. I'm an addict folks. So Niall and I are cutting out all sweets {except for fruit} for the month as a kind of detox. At the end of the month we will discuss what role sugar will play in our normal life. I kind of don't want to live without sugar in my tea and a steady stream of chocolate... but it is super unhealthy, and I have a hard time moderating. We shall see how it goes. Today is Day 4 and so far, so good- I really miss the stuff, but just saying no has made me firm in my resolution. Having Husband accountability doesn't hurt either.

What are some habits that you'd like to develop this year? Did you set any goals or resolutions? 

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