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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

How I Make Time for Books

Last year I read 60 books. Not quite my goal of 65, but still- not too shabby for a mom of 2 and then 3 little people.

How did I do it? Sure, I'm a fairly fast reader, and that helps. The crazy thing is, is that that number could have been significantly higher if I hadn't wasted so much time online.

Which brings me to my first recommendation if you'd like to read more books this year:

Stop mindlessly scrolling. When you have a brief break between tasks, or you are making phone calls and stuck on hold, whatever- get off of FaceBook, and read a real book for a couple of minutes instead. I try to keep books all over- in my purse, on my nightstand, the end table next to my couch, and the countertop where I keep my planner and to do list. That way I can read a page or two in the in between moments.

Nursing or holding a baby = book time. This has been made even easier by the advent of the iPhone. I have both the Kindle app and a Bible app on my phone, and it especially keeps me sane when I'm bouncing a fussy baby. I'm subscribed to Money Saving Mom's email list, and pretty much every week day she lists free ebooks. Anytime one catches my fancy I download it for future nursing sessions.

Read a little before bed. I'm not as good at this as I'd like to be, but several evenings a week I'll read a chapter of or two of whatever is on my nightstand before turning out the light. I stay away from novels as story grip threatens a decent night's sleep, and stick with non-fiction.

Turn off the t.v. Again, I can't say I've arrived in this area. My husband and I like to watch a show or two together a few times each week. But if the kids are in bed, the house looks decent, and he's busy doing homework or another project, I will likely spend the evening reading.

Use the Lord's Day well. Sunday afternoons are for rest and soul re-charging at our house. This is the day that I make time for theological reading that I have a harder time plowing through during a busy week. I'm more awake after a Sunday afternoon nap ;).

Treadmill = book time. To make exercise a lot less painful, I indulge myself with something fun to read.

Need a little pick me up? Pick up your book. When you're feeling worn out or stressed, and you just need a minute to yourself, read. Usually 10 or 15 minutes in a book gives me the gusto I need to get back up and going.

Occasionally binge. I have to seriously limit my novel intake, because when I pick a really fascinating story up I won't emerge until it's done. This can be hazardous to my children, husband, and home. But when we're on vacation, or everyone is sick, or some other special circumstance arises, I will allow myself to binge read a novel or two. And it is delightful.

How do you make time for books?  

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