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Friday, February 26, 2016

A Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe {Winter Edition}

We mamas love to talk about our babies- pregnancy, birth, developmental stages, what's working and what isn't it this crazy business called parenting. One less than palatable aspect of it, however, is what having a baby does to your body. And subsequently, how on earth to dress said-body in a semi-flattering way.

Of course a pooch is a pooch, and muffin tops won't disappear with a finger snap...

...but there are a few types of pieces that I am so very thankful for as a mom with a baby bump that isn't going anywhere. They cover me and tuck me in just right and make me feel semi-comfortable in my own {new} skin.

Presenting my Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe, Winter Edition.

There are affiliate links in this post- that means if you click on a link and make a purchase, I receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. I only recommend products that I can personally vouch for, and I take your trust seriously. Thanks for your support of The Purposeful Wife! 

High Quality Layering Tanks. It's time to put away the long, saggy maternity tank tops and buy a few fresh normal people ones. I personally like to have stretchy spaghetti straps in both black and white- high enough to cover that glorious breastfeeding cleavage, and long enough to smooth over the muffin top. They kind of suck everything in. I also like to have a few high quality cotton tanks to layer under shirts. Layers are our friends- between breastfeeding and squatting at eye-level with toddlers and hunting for binkies and sippy cups under couches, and cellulite that could use an extra layer of smooth over, it's nice to have additional coverage.

Two Tunic Length Sweaters. When selecting tops, go for pieces that hit your upper thigh. If a sweater ends right at your hips, it is going to make you look much rounder. The longer the sweater, and the looser the hem, the better your bump can hide. I found a gorgeous turtleneck tunic length sweater at Marshalls this season, and I get compliments every time I wear it.

One Loose Fitting Cable Knit Sweater. Fortunately looser sweaters are fairly popular and easy to find right now! I picked up a very feminine and flattering light pink crew neck at Old Navy last winter- it worked as a great cover for my early pregnancy {with the third baby, I looked fairly pregnant from conception} last winter, and this year is still friendly to my mama belly.

Cardigans. I love cardigans- the longer, the better. When I nurse I can lift my tee, but my back is still covered. Plus if hormones are still coursing through your body in the form of hot flashes, you can easily shed a layer. I have three that I rotate through on a regular basis.

Basic Tees. Something comfy to wear under cardigans and around the house. Every girl needs a basic tee.

A Loose Dressy Shirt. Noticing a theme here? Loose. Tunic. Rinse. Repeat. I like to keep at least one nice top in my closet so I can feel a little extra polished on occasion. When you feel a hot mess and your body just ain't what it used to be, it's all the more important to be able to put on something pretty and flattering.

Levi Jeggings. Hear me out- I hate the "J" word and never thought I'd ever own a pair. But these pants feel like jeans- same weight and texture, same thickness and high quality. So don't think leggings, think jeans. I think what quantifies them as "jeggings" is the fact that they simply pull on- no button or zipper. They pull up over some of the least flattering parts of my postpartum figure and tuck it all in nice and snug. Which makes me feel a whole lot more comfortable, secure, and ready to roll. I found mine at Marshalls for $20.00. You can find them here {mine are the color Odyssey}.

A Trick for Prepregnancy Pants. So you may not be able to pull them over your thighs {been there sister}... but if they pull all the way up, but just won't button- pull out your belly band! It looks like the bottom of a tank top, so no need to worry about looking like you're still in maternity. I definitely sported mine for at least two months postpartum.

So these are the pieces I've been living in the past four months. I'd love to know how you dress your mama body!

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P.S- I loved A New Mom's Guide to Dressing Without Stressing on Adornabelle. While my post is more tailored to the later months after having a baby, this covers the more immediate postpartum stage. So helpful!

P.S.S- And if you're looking for further help in the mama fashion department, I highly recommend Trina Holden's ebook Embracing Beauty. It was very helpful to me at a particularly low-body-image-point in my pregnancy with W. Not only does she offer lots of handy tips and advice for everything you could possibly want to know about dressing yourself, she also addresses our hearts with Biblical and practical wisdom. Well worth your time and money.

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