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Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Changing Stages and Phases of Motherhood {or, why I haven't been blogging}

Life is never static- especially when you are a mom! As soon as I've found a decent rhythm for our daily doings, something changes- the baby is teething, the toddler stops napping, the preschooler needs me to devise more stimulating activities... etc.

Last week I started a series on the Christian Sabbath, fully intending to finish it before the week was out. And now a full second week has come and nearly gone, and I've neglected to post again, period. All this to say that our home is currently in a transitional phase, and I haven't figured out how this hobby blog fits into the routine.

I fully intend to pick up where I left off, just not sure when and how that will happen. So be patient with me and stay tuned :).

Meanwhile, exciting news. I am now officially married to a U.S. citizen! Niall was sworn in last Friday. His dual citizenship status means our life is way simpler. No more renewing green cards, hoarding copious amounts of paper records, or worrying about strange complications with his status. Now if we register the kids for Irish passports, I'll be the only non-dual citizen among us.

This seems to be the winter of never ending sickness. We've been bouncing mild colds around between family members for at least a month now. I completely lost my voice for a stretch this week, and that made mothering a coop of small children interesting, to say in the least. Ah, the things we take for granted.

Hope all is well with you friends <3. And don't give up on me yet- I will do my utmost to finish writing the train of thought begun last week. Thanks for hanging tight with me.

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