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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Making Over My Evenings {Day 12}

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I'm working my way through Crystal Paine's new course, Makeover Your Evenings- 14 days of videos, reading, and projects designed to bring more order, rest, and productivity into your life. If you'd like to grab the course and work through it right along with me, you can do so here. Each weekday night I'll be posting my takeaway from the day's coursework. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it and how you are making over your own evenings!

Tonight is the night on which we finally construct an evening routine! In the course work, Crystal walks us through 5 steps to formulate a simple, doable evening routine. She challenges us to commit to following through with it for 3 weeks and to see what kind of difference it makes in our lives.

This is my evening routine, in accordance with her instructions:

7:00 Clean kitchen and finish tidying up the house.
8:00 Get in pajamas, wash face, brush teeth. Hang out with Niall, or do computer work.
9:00 Grab a cup of herbal tea and head to bed with a book. Plan out the next day in my bullet journal.
10:00 Lights out.

I go through phases of observing this closely, and other times not so much. When I do follow through on this, I adore the sense of order and peacefulness it brings to my life. Extra time to read? Glorious! Taking time to wind down slowly and properly helps me to sleep better too. And waking up to a tidy home and clean kitchen really sets the next day up like a breeze.

What 3-5 actions could you form into a consistent evening routine for yourself? Try to pick those that would have the greatest positive impact on your life. Attempt to be reasonable and keep the steps small and simple.

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