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Thursday, June 9, 2016

How to Salvage the End of a Rough Day

Every once in awhile we experience what I would consider to be  really rough day around these parts. Cranky tired mama, cranky tired kiddos. Too much t.v, too much junk food and coffee. Very little accomplished, very large messes abounding.

We get to the last hour or two before bedtime and I feel like a big fat failure horrible mother who wasted a perfectly good day and has nothing to show for the time spent.


It's tempting to put on another movie for the kids, get out my iPhone, and wallow in the failure/shame/misery. I can ignore the disaster around me and think, "Hey! At least I was consistent today."

But there are a few strategies I can apply to salvage it. I may only have an hour or two left, but much can be done and my heart can be refreshed with a little mindset shift.

Here's what that looks like at our house:

Repent. First, confession to the Lord for laziness and/or sinful attitudes is key. Then I ask my babies' forgiveness for hurtful words, impatience, and any other unkindness. I let them know I am sorry, and that we are having a fresh start all together. Often my oldest {even though she is only 4!} will {unprompted} apologize for her own disobedience and crankiness once I've set the example. Which is a really and truly sweet blessing to my mama heart.

Have some Word time. Even if it's just a verse, crack open the Bible and meditate on some solid truth for a moment. You can read it aloud to your kids too- just be sure not too mind their fidgeting or noise making {remember, we are trying to improve attitudes and make a turn around here}.

Looking for a way to read the Bible to your small children? Check out my free Bible reading plans!

Do the next right thing. Maybe it's having a clean up dance party. Or  wiping that counter or washing a few dishes. Whatever mess is most pressing, tackle it cheerfully, and encourage those littles to pitch in. Every little tiny effort makes a difference, both in your mood and work load.

Be extra fun and sweet. Fake it to make it mama! Give lots of kisses and hugs, read a story, make clean-up time into a game. Give whatever feeble energies you can muster to ending you and your children's day with happy impressions. This will help everyone to go to bed happier, and hopefully wake up happier too. It will build joyful, sweet memories into their childhoods as well.

Eat something green. Maybe in your tiredness you leaned a little too heavily on the chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, and chocolate {for both you and them!}. Oh sister, I have so been there. I am so often there! Just serve something healthy and wholesome alongside dinner, or as a before bed snack. A green smoothie, cucumber slices, or even just a quick frozen veggie can make you feel a little more healthy and wholesome. Get your balance back!

Have a big glass of water. Dehydration makes you even more tired and cranky. A big cool glass of water is refreshing and energizing. It can give you a healthful boost to keep moving forward in a better direction.

Find something to rejoice in and give thanks for. All around you there are beautiful, kind, gracious providences of God. Noticing them and thanking the Lord for them can completely change your attitude. Delight in baby toes, toddler giggles, reading a story, snuggling together before bed.

That's about all that this tired mom has to offer you ;). I'd love to know what strategies you use to turn a bad day around!

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