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Thursday, June 2, 2016

How to Cut Back on Your Kid's Screen Time

Pretty much every day of motherhood involves choosing battles. Do I intervene in this sibling conflict, or let them work it out themselves? Let my child splash in mud puddles because it is so fun, or put my foot down because: laundry? Do I stick with my breakfast plan of oatmeal, or veer off course because my little man wants to make pancakes together? Sometimes serious, often trivial, being a mama means making lots of decisions.

One area of our life that I never seem to make peace with is the television. I'm a big believer in limiting it as much as possible, reading aloud tons, and letting kids play creatively and get outdoors. But I also live in a real world where I get exhausted, company is coming and the house is a wreck, kids get sick, and I woke up late and just need to shower in peace.

For better or worse, we have a television, and we go through seasons of heavy use and non-use. When I find myself in a season of over dependence on the t.v. I know it's time to cut back. The question is, how can I do it in the gentlest way possible? I want to avoid the tantrums and keep things positive as much as I'm able.

Over the last few years, I've gathered a useful arsenal of tools for cutting back on screen time. Today I'm sharing it all with you at My Joy Filled Life. I'm very excited to tell you that starting today, I will be posting there regularly {the first Thursday of each month}.

I first found My Joy Filled Life several years ago when I was working on my Great Books for Preschoolers series. She has an awesome collection of posts with supplemental activities for well loved children's books {check out: Blueberries for Sal, The Snowy Day, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar}. Speaking of cutting back on screen time, these would be great replacement activities ;).

Sarah regularly posts about homeschooling, homemaking, and motherhood, and I think you'll enjoy her blog if you haven't discovered it already. I'm excited to join in at the community over there.

Head on over to read my post, Gentle Ways to Cut Back Your Child's Screen Time.

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