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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Bible Reading Plan for Little Ones {God Takes Care of His People}

A new month is upon us, and with it comes a new free, printable Bible reading plan to share with your kids in family worship. I'm sorry to be posting this so late! Our family has had exciting things happening behind the scenes that I can hopefully share with you all soon. It's been busy and a little out of the ordinary in my real life... which means this space is the first to get neglected ;). 

This month we are looking at God's tender care for His people- His provision, loving kindness, and ultimately, salvation. The goal is to show our kids what God is like, what He does, and why we can trust Him, resting safely and securely in His care. I started the month with passages related to physical provision and God's work in the world at large, and hone in more specifically on salvation and redemption as the month progresses.

I hope it will encourage both you and your little ones! Both children and adults need to know and remember that God is good, bigger than me and my circumstances, and infinitely trustworthy. My prayer is that these scriptures will sink deep into your souls, enabling you to experience the peace and joy that comes from knowing and trusting Him in the ups and downs of daily life. God takes care of His people- perfectly, beautifully, fully. 

As usual, there is a mix of both Old and New Testaments. One passage for each week day, for four weeks. Your feedback on the plans is always appreciated! Hope you enjoy this. 

We try to read ours at meal times. On a really good day, I read and discuss it with my 2 and 4 year old at breakfast, and my husband goes over it a second time at dinner. But we miss many a day, go through times of consistency and inconsistency- we by no means "have it down". 

The goal is to keep trying, and to keep sowing seeds of the Word into our children's hearts. They might wiggle, they might not seem to be hearing... but we keep reading, explaining, and praying, trusting the Lord to work through His Word in His way and time.  

You can print your copy off right here

If you like this plan, I think you would like my new ebook! It's called Read the Bible to Your Kids: A Year of Simple Plans to get into the Word Together

I've created 13 topical, month long plans with passages from both the Old and New Testament. The passages are short {for short attention spans!}, and the PDF file can easily be printed off for you to check off boxes as you read.

It's a great, simple solution for families who want to build Word-centered solutions. You can find out what people are saying about it, the topics the plans cover, and download your copy for only $4.99 right here.

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