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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Few Things About Kansas

We've been in Kansas City for just about three weeks. As usual, my overly optimistic nature underestimated how long it would take to get settled :). But bit by bit, little by little, things are settling into a somewhat normal rhythm. I still have to figure out a decent grocery shopping routine {at least there are a million Aldis!}, get the bedrooms functionally organized, and it would be nice if the kids would start sleeping well again... but we're getting there.

Initial observations of Kansas City, Kansas:

1. There are lots of bugs here. Like, lots and lots. Fortunately they are all outside instead of inside, like in our Pennsylvania home ;).

2. It's very loud. Day or night, step outside and you are greeted by a deafening chorus of cicadas. See point 1.

3. It's also quite humid. Bonus, almost every home has central air. Despite the humidity we've remained very comfortable!

4. You can get okra in the frozen vegetables section. This was a new one for me! I bought a bag, because when in Rome... but it didn't go over well, so we probably won't avail ourselves of the trend.

5. People are very friendly. Of course we are missing very many friendly faces in Pennsylvania, but it helps that everyone here has been so welcoming!

Thoughts on our new home:

1. We have a fenced in back yard!!! This is saving my life. Every day. W is in heaven.

2. I have a dishwasher!!! For the first time in 8 years of marriage. This is also saving my life. Every day.

3. Basements are wonderful for storage. All of our tubs of kids clothes, suitcases, treadmill, and Christmas decorations are no longer cluttering up our living space. Glorious!

If you've missed me {ha ha}, please feel free to head over to My Joy Filled Life and catch up on my last two posts there: Quick Light and Cool Summer Dinners, and Ins and Outs of Baby Led Weaning.

That's what's new here. What's new with you??

Please accept my apologies for not posting an August Bible Reading plan! I really tried, but just couldn't swing it. Hoping to get one up in time for September. For now we are going back over the ones we never finished. You can check all 7 previous plans out here!

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