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Friday, September 2, 2016

A Bible Reading Plan for Little Ones {Back to School Edition}

With the start of a new school year fresh upon us, I thought it would be beneficial to focus on wisdom and knowledge {primarily found in Christ and His Word!} for this month's Bible reading plan.

If you're new to these printables, here's how they work: head to this link and print off your free copy. You will find short passages to read with your family each weekday, Monday-Friday, for four weeks. I've included excerpts from both the Old and New Testament to encourage familiarity with the Bible as a whole. Next to each reference I've written a brief description of the main point we're trying to drive home to our kids.

My family generally does this Bible reading at meals. The goal for this month is to read the passage at breakfast, before we dive into our homeschool for the day {my kids are still pretty young, so school time is pretty short, sweet, and simple}. We will also review it with Daddy reading it again at dinner.

I hope it will be a blessing to you and your kids as you seek to grow in the wisdom and knowledge of God. As always, please send me any feedback {comments. questions. concerns.} at thepurposefulwife@gmail.com. Thank you for choosing this resource!

Get your copy of the Back to School Bible Reading Plan here.

P.S. Tips for reading the Bible to small children.

If you like this plan, I think you would like my new ebook! It's called Read the Bible to Your Kids: A Year of Simple Plans to get into the Word Together

I've created 13 topical, month long plans with passages from both the Old and New Testament. The passages are short {for short attention spans!}, and the PDF file can easily be printed off for you to check off boxes as you read.

It's a great, simple solution for families who want to build Word-centered solutions. You can find out what people are saying about it, the topics the plans cover, and download your copy for only $4.99 right here.

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