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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Beginning of Our Home School

Unbelievably and outrageously, against all of my adamant motherly protestations, my oldest child turned 5 this summer. Cue the sobbing. This little girl is getting way too big, way too fast. 

We've planned to homeschool for quite awhile now... and with that first fifth birthday comes the first timid steps of our homeschooling journey. Gulp. 

While I'm not going too heavy on the academics this year {S's birthday is late enough that we could wait a year to start kindergarten if necessary}, I am determined to get started. With that start comes a million anxieties and uncertainties. I recently wrote a post about those fears and how I'm navigating them at My Joy Filled Life. I'd be honored if you headed on over there and gave it a read!

What fears have you experienced at the beginning of your children's school years? I'm sure homeschooling and non-homeschooling moms alike have them! What advice or inspirations helped you to work through those fears?

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