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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Yes, We Do Classical Conversations

I've mentioned once or twice around here that I'm part of a weekly homeschool co-op. But I might not have told you specifically that the co-op is a Classical Conversations group. I decided to join in order to make homeschooling friends {for me and the kids!} after our big cross-country move this summer.

I wasn't sure that I would love it, as I had a pretty specific idea in my mind of how I wanted to operate my homeschool. Ha ha ha!

As it turns out, I've LOVED Classical Conversations, and hope to stick with it indefinitely.

Today I'm sharing all of the things I love about CC, hopefully giving more information to families who A) aren't sure what Classical Conversations is, and B) are trying to figure out if it's a good fit for their family.

Head on over and give it a read?

Why Our Family Loves Classical Conversations... and is it right for you?

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